Monday, January 11, 2021

 What Kind of Nazi Would You Be?

Suppose that everyone of us were living in Nazi Germany. What kind of a Nazi would you be? Here are some choices:

1. Celestial Nazi: Would you seek to be one with God and ask him to direct you in how to bring about his purposes, to end tyranny, and to be a light and comfort to as many souls as possible? Would you perhaps hide a couple of Jewish people in your attic and make their existence as pleasant, healthful, hopeful, meaningful, and comfortable as you could?

2. Terrestial Nazi: Would just strive to keep a low profile, try to get along as much as possible without violating your own principles, and do harm to no person, all while waiting for a better day to come along?

3. Telestial Nazi: Would you make sure you're recognized as one who supports the regime? Would you parrot warnings, admonitions, and threats emanating from our leaders? Would you help shame those within your sphere of influence who aren't doing everything they're told to do—even though deep down you disagree and even though you probably don't do most of those things yourself? Would you snitch on your neighbors?

4. What about the rest—the lost souls—the psychopaths and sociopaths who in their lust for power and worldly gain concocted the conspiracy in the first place?  What about those who actively promoted Nazism for their own personal benefit—even if they didn't really believe in it?

We often hear about people in the third group—those who enforced Nazi regulations and who were guilty of cruelty and of enforcing anti-freedom dictates—that "they were just doing their job". Consider that earthly tribunals such as the Nuremberg Trials recognized that those who were "just following orders" were still culpable, still deserving of punishment. 

How would a heavenly tribunal react to the type of Nazi you might choose to be?

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Orem, Utah—13 January 2021—©2021 Daniel Kemper Lubben

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